500 Lines or Less

The fourth in the Architecture of Open Source Applications series.



No Title Author Keywords 읽은 사람은 이름과 소감을 적어봅시다. :+1:
0 Introduction Michael DiBernardo    
1 Blockcode Dethe Elza html/css/javascript fred
  - A visual programming toolkit      
2 A Continuous Integration System Malini Das python fred
3 Clustering by Consensus Dustin J. Mitchell   fred?
4 Contingent Brandon Rhodes and    
  - A Fully Dynamic Build System Daniel Rocco    
5 A Web Crawler A. Jesse Jiryu Davis python fred
  With asyncio Coroutines and Guido van Rossum    
6 Dagoba: an in-memory graph database Dann Toliver    
7 DBDB: Dog Bed Database Taavi Burns    
8 An Event-Driven Web Framework Leo Zovic    
9 A Flow Shop Scheduler Dr. Christian Muise    
10 An Archaeology-Inspired Database Yoav Rubin    
11 Making Your Own Image Filters Cate Huston java fred
12 A Python Interpreter Allison Kaptur python fred
  Written in Python      
13 A 3D Modeller Erick Dransch    
14 A Simple Object Model Carl Friedrich Bolz    
15 Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Marina Samuel    
16 A Pedometer in the Real World Dessy Daskalov ruby  
17 The Same-Origin Policy Eunsuk Kang,    
    Santiago Perez De Rosso,    
    and Daniel Jackson    
18 A Rejection Sampler Jessica B. Hamrick    
19 Web Spreadsheet Audrey Tang angularJS (+web) fred
20 Static Analysis Leah Hanson    
21 A Template Engine Ned Batchelder python fred
22 A Simple Web Server Greg Wilson python fred

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